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SolarDock is designed and engineered unlike any other racking solution on the market.

Controls Ballast

  • Requires up to 30% less ballast
  • Enclosed ballast protects ballast for 25 years
  • End caps and T-bar for row-to-row connection to reduce ballast required
  • Rodent protection

Meets required building codes

  • Engineering stamped drawing
  • International Building Code 2012 and 2015 compliant with ESL certificate for permitting
  • Class A fire rating

Designed for easy, secure installation

  • Labor saving installation time
  • No roofing slip sheet required
  • Only 3 racking components per solar panel

Durability & long-term performance

  • Integrated grounding
  • 25 year warranty
  • Enclosed wire management
  • Made with aluminum & stainless steel

Installed on a 1 story building without roof attachments

SolarDock is the only solar racking system that can be installed without penetration up to 20 stories.

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No roof attachments

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No roof attachments

Capable of sustaining 150MPH Winds

SolarDock is the only solar racking system that can sustain winds up to 150MPH.

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