• SolarDock earns Class A Fire Rating

    SolarDock earns Class A Fire Rating

    You don't have to wait any longer - start installing California and IBC code compliant systems today!

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  • Featured Project: GE Healthcare - Wisconsin - 374.4 kW

    Featured Project: GE Healthcare

    Handles heavy snow loads with ease.

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  • SolarDock's patented design encapsulates wiring, sheds snow and water, lowering maintenance costs and extending the life of the system
  • SolarDock’s roof-friendly features protect the panel, roof surface and warranty — it's the only truly non-penetrating system
  • Gold Crust Baking - Maryland

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Going full tilt to bring you more power

Our patented, lightweight solar module mounting system combines a high-tilt angle of up to 35º with the only truly non-penetrating design. TUV Certified and tested to the proposed UL 2703 standard, the SolarDock solution solves the greatest number of climate and engineering challenges, and:

  • Maximizes annual kWh power production —10-20% more kWh/year than low-angle flat mounting.
  • Dramatically increases installation productivity — up to 40% more SolarDock in one year than a typical mounting system.

Installers and end-users get immediate and long-term cost savings through:

  • Intelligent product design — standardized parts and simple assembly result in lower labor and equipment cost
  • Modular design —minimal components provide installation flexibility
  • Roof-friendly features — protecting the panel, roof surface and warranty
  • Lower maintenance costs — patented design encapsulates wiring, sheds snow and water

As real estate veterans, we're able to anticipate and solve construction issues and our customers enjoy comprehensive support —from engineering design to installation. With more than 500 successful projects and 40 megawatts installed in 34 states and worldwide, SolarDock is recognized among leading integrators and distributors as the proven choice in flat-roof solar mounting systems.